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Process Optimization

Unique process

Specific needs

In each case a study of the problem is made and an action plan for the most appropriate solution is proposed.

Helping your business

To find areas of improvement in your processes to make it more efficient by optimizing costs and increasing competitiveness.

If they are Administrative or Commercial Processes

We help find constrains and interconnection by increasing communication and information flow in a way that performance indicators are improved.

If they are Transformation processes

We review difficulties in costs, volume, continuity, quality and explore the root cause, to propose the best improvement solution, aiming to reduce waste of resources.

"Maximizing equipment effectiveness requires complete removal of failures, defects and other negative phenomena, in other words, waste and losses incurred in the operation of the equipment."

Seiichi Nakajima

Action plans

Steps to follow

Initially, we review which areas and processes of the plant need improvement and define the type of work to be executed, reviewing history and trends of key performance indicators (KPI).


Plant Efficiency

We can help solve problems to increase the overall efficiency of the plant including speed and continuity of production, as well as quality, reducing wasted time, materials and equipment failures.


Capitalizing projects

We also support the management and execution of projects for improvements, extensions or new installations with detail engineering in the calculation and design of equipment and materials.



By industry type our consultants have extensive experience in Hydrocarbons, Energy, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Basic Chemistry, Agrochemicals, Foods, Flavorings, Fragrances, Cement, Foundry, Pharmaceuticals, among others, which depending on each case it is possible to define projects to improve the performance of production processes.

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“As production plants operate at high levels of efficiency, the value chain of the company is strengthened by improving competitiveness by having quality products and quantity to deliver at the time and place that is required.”

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